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Tom Riggs Fine Art

Fort Collins, CO


My name is Tom Riggs and I love art! I am a self-taught freelance artist living in Fort Collins, Colorado. My passion is in watercolor and I particulary enjoy painting on watercolor canvas. The finished product is sprayed with a fixative and UV protector so the paintings can be hung without glass. I love to paint landscapes/cityscapes with lots of light and strong contrasts. I was born in Wyoming and raised in Colorado where we get over 300 days of sunshine a year. Maybe that's why I love the bright, strong contrasts so much.

I believe everyone should do what they love, and I'm lucky enough to be doing just that! I spend part of each day outside, enjoying our great outdoors and getting inspiration and photographs for my next paintings. Whether it's on a run or a bike ride, or somewhere else while out on vacation, I'm constantly engaged in the world around me, taking it all in and absorbing the atmosphere that I hope to portray in my paintings.

I also love cartooning and have my own comic strip, "SureWeird Forest." The three bears in my strip are based on the Teddy Bears my brothers and I played with when we were very young. Well...I guess it's more the NAMES of the bears that I'm using, more than the way we played back then. My bears are fun-loving, clumsy, witty, sarcastic...whatever the situation calls for.

Another joy of mine is wood carving. I don't carve the traditional way. Instead, I use a dremel. I've carved illustrations and phrases onto log bed frames or log furniture, and I've carved designs into the roofs of bird houses.

I try to do a little bit of everything, but I always come back to watercolor. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.


Winter Benches by Tom Riggs


Fishing at Sunset by Tom Riggs


Calling it a Day by Tom Riggs


Gone Swimmin' by Tom Riggs


Ruby's Oceanside Pier by Tom Riggs


Waiting for Lunch by Tom Riggs


New York Steps by Tom Riggs


Tartine by Tom Riggs


Hudson Diner by Tom Riggs


Empire Diner by Tom Riggs


Chinatown two by Tom Riggs


Rainy Day in Central Park by Tom Riggs


Chinatown Number One by Tom Riggs


Brooklyn Heights Deli by Tom Riggs


Rainy Day in New York by Tom Riggs


Sled Dogs by Tom Riggs


Poudre Canyon two by Tom Riggs


Stanley Hotel by Tom Riggs


Stanley Hotel two by Tom Riggs


St. Malo Summer by Tom Riggs


St Malo Winter by Tom Riggs


Downtown Estes Park Winter by Tom Riggs


Fall River Estes Park by Tom Riggs


In All Thing's God's Glory by Tom Riggs


God's Sunset by Tom Riggs


Chocolate Covered Cherries by Tom Riggs


Italian Fantasy by Tom Riggs


Venice Canal by Tom Riggs


Which Way to the Louvre? by Tom Riggs


Switzerland 1946 by Tom Riggs


Paris Street Artist by Tom Riggs


San Antonio River Walk by Tom Riggs


Mission San Jose by Tom Riggs


Mission San Jose two by Tom Riggs


Siesta Time by Tom Riggs


Final Resting Place by Tom Riggs


Anchored by Tom Riggs


Maine Lighthouse by Tom Riggs


Have a Coke and a Smile by Tom Riggs


Fisherman San Francisco by Tom Riggs


Palace of Fine Arts by Tom Riggs


Carol's Cows by Tom Riggs


Trinity and the Moon Dancer by Tom Riggs


Water Valley Golf by Tom Riggs


Dragon by Tom Riggs


Elephant Inspiration Two by Tom Riggs


Elephant Inspiration One by Tom Riggs